Ultra V Lift


The state-of-the-art Ultra V Lift is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional facelifts. Skin MD offers this safe procedure to help patients achieve tighter skin and a shapely jawline without having to go under the knife.


Who Can Benefit from the Ultra V Lift?


Anyone who wants a more youthful appearance or shapely face can certainly go for the Ultra V Lift. It’s especially suitable for patients over the age of 25, who may want to get rid of signs of aging early on.


How Does the Ultra V Lift Work?


During the Ultra V Lift procedure, dermatologists introduce absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) threads into the skin. This gently anchors the skin upwards for an instant lift. The threads also trigger collagen renewal for an even more youthful appearance.


Is the Ultra V Lift Safe?


Definitely! At Skin MD, Ultra V Lifts are done by board-certified dermatologists who are skilled and experienced to safely and effectively perform this cutting-edge procedure. We also only use genuine and high-quality PDO threads to consistently achieve the best results.


What Can I Expect from the Ultra V Lift?


One key benefit of the Ultra V Lift is instantaneous improvements, with patients having tighter skin right after the procedure. The effects of this procedure become more evident in the following weeks, with collagen production surging and the lift becoming more natural in appearance.

Your skin will safely absorb the threads used in the Ultra V Lift after an average of 9 months. Patients can freely opt for a second lift for longer-lasting results.


Want to try out the revolutionary Ultra V Lift yourself? Contact us today or book an appointment with the board-certified dermatologists of Skin MD.


Say Hello to a More Youthful You

The Ultra V Lift promises the supple skin and beautiful jawline that you’ve wanted. In the hands of our board-certified dermatologists, that dream will now be within your reach.