After Care Tips: What You Need To Do After Your Ultra V Lift Treatment

Thanks to the Ultra V Lift Treatment, you can enjoy a more youthful glow that will last for months. But when it comes to maintaining your vibrancy, there are some aftercare steps that you have to take into action. 

In order to make the effects last longer, there are some do’s and don’ts to take note of before stepping out into the sun. Here is everything you need to know from what comes after your Ultra V Lift Treatment.

5 Simple Ultra V Lift Treatment After Care Tips 

1. Protect Your Skin

With your newly rejuvenated skin, you’re going to need an extra layer of protection. To properly maintain your youthful glow, it’s best to use SPF30+ sunscreen, preferably recommended by your dermatologists, and avoid direct sunlight. Apply this to your skin gently and avoid rubbing and massaging your face for at least 2 weeks. 

But there’s no need to compromise too much. Because the Ultra V Lift is a quick and non-surgical procedure, the skin aftercare isn’t as strict as a traditional facelift. You can still apply makeup and get on with your day just fine.

2. Cancel or Reschedule All Other Treatments

If you have pending appointments on other treatments that may affect your skin, then you’re going to have to reschedule. Dermal treatments that involve using heat such as facial hair laser removal is should be avoided for at least 10 weeks. 

In order not to stretch out the skin for too much, you shouldn’t open your mouth too widely, which means you can’t book a dental appointment as well. But this delay will only set you back by 2 weeks.

3. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

The best time to get an Ultra V Lift is some time in the middle of the year: just after summer but not some time towards the colder months. Because for 10 days, you would have to avoid temperature extremes. Going to the beach, spending a day in a spa and sauna, and traveling to extremely cold places will not be allowed post-procedure. 

4. Pause Your Exercise Routine

Most daily activities are generally allowed after getting an Ultra V Lift. However, exercise is not recommended post-procedure. If you keep an active lifestyle where you need to burn out the calories, then you’re going to have to pause it for at least a week.

5. Follow Up with Your Doctor

Check in with your dermatologist after 7 days to check the treatment’s progress. Take a picture of yourself to document the Ultra V Lift experience and notice the changes over the next month. 

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