Large Pores


Large pores are a natural result of aging, although they more commonly affect individuals with naturally oily skin. The occurrence of large pores is a common aesthetic concern that does not pose any health issues.


What Causes Large Pores?


Enlarged pores have three common causes, all related to an individual’s skin:

  • Excessive Oil. Certain individuals naturally have oily skin, as their sebaceous glands produce much sebum (oil).

  • Decreased Skin Elasticity. Pores can appear enlarged when the skin loses its elasticity. Factors that can worsen this include aging, sun exposure, and inadequate water intake.

  • Enlarged Hair Follicle. The pore at the end of a hair follicle can become clogged with dirt or makeup, causing the pore to stretch ands may later become a pimple.


What You Can Do


You can reduce the appearance of large pores by cleansing your face regularly, choosing beauty products that are noncomedogenic (i.e. won’t clog the pores), wearing sunscreen, drinking more water, and cutting down on food which contains fat and unhealthy oils.


For best results, our dermatologists at Skin MD offer various peels and skin boosters. Peels can unclog the pores and reveal more supple skin, while boosters provide deep skin hydration and add volume and support. Consult with us to find out more about how we can help you deal with large pores!


No More Self-Consciousness about Large Pores

The board-certified dermatologists of Skin MD know just what treatment you need for your large pores. You’ll finally get that smooth and dewy look you’ve always wanted.