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Having acne can lead to doubt and insecurity, ruining big days in your life—the interview for your dream job, the day you tie the knot, or meeting “the one” for the first time. It’s irritating and in some cases, very painful. You’ve tried every type of medication out there, from pills to creams and ointment, but they don’t last. The acne keeps coming back. Don’t lose hope, because our Dermatologists can help you eliminate acne problems for a long time.


A comedone extraction procedure that is done carefully to prevent their progression into inflamed and bigger acne lesions.

Acne lesions
Acne Surgery

A quick and convenient treatment that directly targets pimples, hastening the body’s healing process in response to inflammation. This lessens the swelling of acne, clearing it away, and making your face pimple-free.

Pimple Injection

Our board-certified dermatologists in Pasig offer a personalized series of combined treatments that carefully takes into consideration your skin’s specific needs, removing acne as effectively as possible.

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Personalized Skin MD treatments

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Being acne-free means that nothing gets in the way on big days. You can face them without any doubts and insecurities because you’re fully confident of your skin.