Skin Cancer


Approximately 1 out of 50 Filipinos will be diagnosed with skin cancer at some point in their lifetime. Fortunately, it can be easily dealt with if detected at an early stage.


Who Are At Risk?


Although skin cancer does not distinguish between age and race, the following factors can increase a person’s likelihood of being diagnosed with it:

  • Fair complexion, as the absence of the skin pigment melanin means less protection from UV radiation

  • History of sunburns, whether in childhood or adulthood

  • Exposure to radiation, whether from the sun (especially without sunblock), from treatments of previous skin conditions such as eczema, or from a tanning lamp or bed

  • History of skin cancer, whether familial or personal

  • A weakened immune system


What Are the Types?


There are several kinds of skin cancer. It is possible for an individual to develop more than one variety in their lifetime.

  • Melanoma, which can develop from previously benign moles or healthy skin

  • Basal cell carcinoma, which initially appears as a waxy bump or a flat lesion that is flesh- or brown-colored

  • Squamous cell carcinoma, which usually occurs on body parts exposed to the sun, such as the hands and face

  • Kaposi sarcoma, which develops in the blood vessels and affects people with compromised immune systems

  • Merkel cell carcinoma, seen as firm bumps on or beneath the skin, as well as in hair follicle

  • Sebaceous gland carcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of skin cancer that starts from oil glands


What You Can Do


Preventive precautions include staying out of the sunlight from 10am to 4pm, wearing sunscreen and protective clothing, and avoiding tanning beds. Report any suspicious changes in your skin to a doctor. At Skin MD, our experts will gladly help alleviate your concerns, performing mole checks or a skin biopsy as needed in line with medical dermatology.


Consult with us and find out how our dermatologists can help you maintain healthy skin and peace of mind, allowing you to live your life to the fullest.


Protect Your Skin

With the help of our experts at Skin MD, you can manage the ill effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays on your skin and overall wellness. Together, we can boost your protection against skin cancer.