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In the constant fight to lose weight, we understand that you have to deal with age, stress, kids, and many other factors. And despite constant exercise and diet, achieving the body you want still seems to be out of reach. It’s frustrating to never wear what you like because you feel conscious about your figure. Fortunately, the expert treatments offered in our skin care clinic in Pasig can trim unwanted fats, helping you achieve a body you’re happy with.


Liposculpt Non - Surgical Fat Reduction


A procedure that specifically targets fat cells, it tones and shapes critical areas of your body such as the abdomen and stomach area, while tightening and firming saggy skin. Unlike liposuction, the process is non-invasive and totally safe. It’s a quick and effective way to get rid of unwanted fats combined with the right diet and exercise.

Fit Women
Liposculpt Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Non-Surgical Face Slimming


A non-invasive procedure that clears away fats in crucial areas of your face, toning and defining your features. This treatment is perfect for reducing worrisome double chins and chubby cheeks.

Non-Surgical Face Slimming
Well-Toned Face

Feel comfortable with your skin everywhere

Free yourself from insecurities with a body that makes you happy. Wear whatever you want because you’ve got a figure that you’re confident of.