Acne Surgery


Acne surgery involves the careful manual removal of pimples. In the hands of a licensed dermatologist, this acne treatment procedure can help minimize post-acne scarring by ensuring that affected skin heals properly.


How Does Acne Surgery Work?


During acne surgery, comedones or clogged pores are extracted before they develop into inflamed acne lesions. This allows them to heal better, minimizing the chances of scarring or the occurrence of additional pimples. The exact procedure for each clogged pore depends on whether it is open or closed:

  • Blackheads or open comedones are extracted through gentle pressure around the pore.

  • Whiteheads or closed comedones are incised and drained.

The extent of the surgery depends on whether the individual has mild, moderate, or severe acne. Regardless, it is often done in 30 minutes or less.


Why Should I Get Acne Surgery?


It may seem cheaper and more convenient to remove pimples at home. However, a DIY pimple extraction usually results in a ruptured pore as well as the following side effects:

  • Infection, swelling, or redness

  • Higher chances of scabbing or scarring

  • Additional pimples due to the spread of acne-causing bacteria

It is much safer to avail of acne surgery instead. Not only will the surgery be done by licensed dermatologists, but the procedure will also use sterile tools to eliminate the above side effects.

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