Acne Treatment Package


For individuals suffering from unsightly acne breakouts, Skin MD has an Acne Treatment Package to restore clear, pimple-free skin. The package is good for one session, which patients can avail of as many times as needed.


What Does the Acne Treatment Package Include?


The Acne Treatment Package combines the benefits of 3 proven and tested dermatological procedures from Skin MD:

  • Peel - clears pores and reveals fresh new skin

  • Acne Surgery - safely removes existing pimples

  • Infrared Light Treatment - improves the appearance of acne scars

Patients can expect a greatly improved skin condition after their first session alone. Depending on the severity of an acne outbreak, however, two or more sessions may be needed to achieve best results.


Why Should I Avail of the Acne Treatment Package?


While each treatment in the package is available by itself, it only accounts for a certain aspect of acne. For instance, acne surgery can help existing pimples disappear faster, but it does not unclog other pores that may develop into new pimples.

The Skin MD Acne Treatment Package is designed to safely deal with pimples at any stage. It also helps prevent consequent breakouts due to improper pimple removal or clogged pores. As a result, patients can live life without repeatedly being distressed by new pimples or additional scars.

Thinking of trying out the Skin MD Acne Treatment Package? Contact us today or book an appointment with our skin experts to find out how you can achieve clear skin once more.