Hyaluronic Acid Fillers


Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizing substance and an effective anti-aging injectable. It is a gentle compound which is naturally present in the body, especially in the skin, eyes, and connective tissues.


How Do Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Work?


A gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water, making it important for moisture retention in the skin. However, it depletes during the aging process, leaving the skin unable to store as much moisture as before. This leads to dry, sagging skin, as well as the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

To counteract these signs of aging, the experts of Skin MD apply hyaluronic acid to restore the skin’s moisture from within.


Restylane skin boosters are an example of injectable hyaluronic acid. These fillers can replace lost tissue and bring back youthful elasticity. The results will look completely natural, especially in the hands of Skin MD’s board-certified dermatologists who use only high-quality, BFAD-approved fillers.


Who Should Get Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?


Any individual with the following skin problems can benefit from hyaluronic acid fillers:

  • dry skin

  • jowls or loose cheeks

  • sagging lips

  • unsightly nasolabial folds

  • dark circles

  • eye bags

If you want to find out more about this popular anti-aging procedure, simply schedule a consultation with our skin experts, who are more than ready to help you regain your youthful glow.