Acne Scar Treatment


Convenient and minimally invasive, acne scar treatment helps lessen the appearance of pitted acne scars through microneedling. This procedure can also be performed on the neck and chest, which are acne-prone areas  as well.


How Does Acne Scar Treatment Work?


Acne scar treatment uses a dermal brush tipped with fine needles that quickly puncture the skin. This creates micro-wounds and jumpstarts the skin’s healing process. The skin begins to produce collagen, which helps young and firm skin rise to the surface and lessen the appearance of scars.


Despite the usage of fine-tipped needles, acne scar treatment is a painless procedure. Patients report that the dermal brush simply feels like sandpaper on their skin. However, for your comfort, your dermatologist may apply a numbing cream before acne scar treatment.


Who Can Get Acne Scar Treatment?


This scar treatment procedure suits all skin types and complexions, regardless of the severity of their acne scars. Individuals with severe scarring may need more than one treatment to achieve desired results.


What Can I Expect After Acne Scar Treatment?


Since acne scar treatment taps into natural healing processes, results may not be visible immediately. Rest assured that the acne scars will diminish as time passes and the skin continues to produce collagen.

After acne scar treatment, it is advisable to protect the skin as it heals by using gentle facial wash and applying sunscreen.


Want to say goodbye to your unsightly acne scars? Contact us today to find out if acne scar treatment is the most suitable procedure for you.


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