Needling Subcision


A tried and tested scar treatment procedure, needling subcision can help reduce the appearance of almost any type of scar. It is especially effective for rolling acne scars.


How Does Needling Subcision Work?


After cleansing the skin and applying some anaesthetic, your dermatologist will insert a special needle between the dermis and epidermis. The tip of the needle is used to cut fibrous bands of tissue which keep the scar anchored down. Some patients may hear light snapping sounds as the bands are broken.


Once the needle is removed, it leaves a pocket of blood which contains growth factors. This pocket later fills with newly produced collagen and speeds the scar’s healing process.

Depending on the severity of their scars, an individual may have to undergo more than one session of needling subcision to achieve ideal results.


Why Should I Undergo Needling Subcision?


This procedure is considered a classic scar treatment technique by many dermatologists. Not only is it affordable, but it requires surprisingly minimal downtime, with patients returning to everyday activities a day later.

If the procedure is done by an expert dermatologist, any bruising and swelling after needling subcision will be kept to a minimum. Aftercare is also simple--your dermatologist may simplify prescribe antibiotic ointment to protect the subcision wounds as they heal.


Thinking of undergoing needling subcision for stubborn scars? Contact us today or schedule an appointment with our board-licensed dermatologists to find out more.


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