6 Bag Designs Every Woman Should Have

If there is any accessory that epitomizes womanhood, it’s the handbag. Not only is it a functional item, it’s also a personal statement and even a status symbol. As a woman matures, her taste in bags grows and changes until she discovers the truth: no one bag can fulfill all her needs but there is bag for every occasion.

A great bag, like great shoes more than carries a woman’s outfit, it gives her confidence to bring herself to where she wants to go in her career, her life to achieve her goals.



The first occasion that the modern woman encounters is work. She needs a dependable bag that can carry anything for her everyday work errands. Enter the satchel handbag with its symmetrical structure that can often stand up on its own and act like a feminine briefcase. It’s perfect for storing folders of documents and other work-related items.



Another important occasion is shopping. Of course, shopping is always a main event in any woman’s lives, no matter what their age is. And the tote handbag is the ultimate bag. Unfastened with sturdy handles, it can carry anything that fits. Many women often bring the largest tote bag that they can every time they leave home.



Dinner with your tita friends, a casual mall meet-up or for just hanging out alone in the mall, the hobo bag’s crescent shape and slouchy quality exemplifies a relaxed attitude that’s perfect for casual affairs. Its roomy interior offers a lot of space for a woman’s needs and its strap makes it easy to carry on the shoulder.



While you’re not joining a red carpet event soon, every woman needs a proper clutch bag. For that wedding of your girlfriends, for the debut of your pamangkin, for that formal work dinner party or for when your SO takes you to fancy place, the clutch is almost de rigueur. This small handheld bag is the very definition of minimalist. But it can carry everything a girl needs for a party and comes in wide variety of styles that can fit rave parties or black-tie affairs.



Women are known for their multi-tasking capabilities. And it can be more than one occasion that a woman need a hands free bag to do the things she needs to do like changing diapers,  carrying her grocery bags or for pulling her suitcase for when she travels. As long as the situations calls for a bag that needs her to free up her hands, a cross-body bag is invaluable. It’s a great convenience if you’re a tourist but it’s also presentable in professional events such as those meant for networking. For more formal use, one can opt for classic leather makes.



Even if you’re all grown-up, you’ll always need a backpack. Whether for travel, overnight at your best bud’s place or for a weekend trip with the beau, or for times when convenience is a priority, the backpack bag is essential. Polished and crafted in leather and other elegant handbag materials, the backpack has become an option for the modern woman. It’s perfect for those occasions when you want more room than a cross-body but don’t want to carry a tote.


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