Capsule Wardrobe Essentials for Every Woman


The capsule wardrobe movement has taught us that you can save time, money, and space with a single set of mix-and-match clothing. Having less doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style, and bloggers like Caroline Rector of Unfancy and Maria Lee of Gold Zipper have definitely shown that.

There are versatile and timeless pieces that should be part of every woman’s collection. To help you get started on your capsule wardrobe creation, we made a list of no more than 17 fashion must-haves:






Your best friend on windy or cold days



A laid-back essential to keep you warm.


Button Down Shirt

A smart casual necessity.



Perfect for girly getups


Plain T-shirt

You can’t go wrong with a plain tee. Go with neutral colors, so that they blend easily with any outfit.


Black/White Blazer

Instantly transforms a casual outfit to a more formal one




Denim Jeans: The universal bottom piece for any casual outfit

Mini/Mid Skirt: Fashionable yet convenient for the hot weather


Chino Shorts: Comfy clothing for weekend trips




Little Black Dress: The LBD will always remain a stylish staple

Summer Dress: Because it’s summer all year round in the Philippines




Heels: For more prim and proper getups

Flats: A feminine footwear option for girlier outfits


Sneakers: Cool, casual, and matches with pretty much any look.




Handbag/Purse: A necessary item that should complement all styles

Sunglasses: Go for shades that go well with your face shape


Scarf: A multi-purpose fashion accessory that has an endless number of uses


If you haven’t joined the capsule wardrobe movement, it’s definitely worth a try! And don’t forget that great skin goes well with any mix-and match combination.

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