Investing In your Skin: Make up vs. Skin treatments

Looking good feels great! It raises our confidence and makes us ready to face anything. But there is always a price. Literally.


The go-to tool of many women to increase their attractiveness is make-up. It helps to cover our eye bags, pimples, and other flaws while emphasizing our cheekbones, lips, and other assets. Make-up is effective enough that women all over the country spend an average of P8,000 per month. That’s according to study and survey done annually by Town and Country magazine.

The surprising cost isn’t make-up’s only pitfall. Older or cheaper formulas can be harsh on women’s skin, causing acne and other blemishes. Even today, those with sensitive skin or allergies discover that even good make-up still makes things worse.

A lot of women spend so much time and money on make-up that they take skin care for granted. Fortunately, there is an alternative to copious amounts of make-up. Although investing in proper treatment, such as going to a board-certified Dermatologist would seem expensive at first, doing so would help you save more in the long run. Think about how much your monthly spend is on concealers, foundation and other make-up items to hide blemishes, pores and wrinkles. Then, try comparing it with the one-time spend you’d most likely have for a skin care treatment, divided by the months of its lasting effect? Don’t you think you’d be able to save time and have great results?

Additionally, aging gracefully can sometimes be troublesome with make-up. Too much and fine lines and wrinkles are highlighted even more. Too little and it loses effectiveness. Instead, you can face your golden years with poise in a dermatologist’s expert hands. There are safe treatments to aging that work wonders with a doctor you trust.


Lastly, effects are faster with skin treatments. Creams can take months of application to make a difference on your face but rejuvenation procedures can deliver quicker results while lasting longer.

Visit our board-certified Dermatologists to know what treatments are appropriate for you. Take care of your skin and lessen your dependence on too much make up. Also don't forget to get enough sleep, eat healthy and use sunscreen to get that overall fresh and natural look we all want to achieve.

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