How to Cure Tired Mom Skin

Have you looked in the mirror and realized how your skin seems to have aged so fast--especially after being a mom? That could be a case of tired mom skin.

It could really be upsetting to realize that the youthful and glowing skin that you once had has already been replaced with a dull and lifeless complexion that seems to reveal the ‘ordeals’ of being a mom.

Yup! For many moms the struggle is real when it comes to skincare. With short hours of sleep to bear with, lots of chores to do, household to manage, and stuff to think about, it surely isn’t easy to take on the role. But instead of sulking and letting negativity drown you, it’s better to act and engage in practices that can put your skin back to life.

6 Steps to Manage Your Tired Mom Skin

1. Get Enough Sleep

You’ve probably heard how lack of sleep can lower immunity and affect overall wellness--and in this case, it is a factor for the tired mom skin you have. Remember that it is during nighttime sleep when your cells are able to recover and without getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night, your body and skin will fail to heal and recover.

2. Watch Your Diet

Aside from its obvious benefits, sticking to a healthy diet is also an effective way to achieve a  glowing complexion. Go high on foods that are rich in antioxidants, as well as those with vitamins and minerals that can nourish your skin from the inside out. Omega-3 rich foods like salmon are also preferred as they help diminish inflammation and keep the skin moisturized.

3. Stay Hydrated

Besides food, you’ll also need to drink enough water to improve your overall wellness. As basic as it seems to be, a lot of people neglect its importance. While dehydration is the obvious result of lack of water in the body, it also has an impact on your skin. An infographic from features a detailed view on how lack of water intake it contributes to under eye bags, acne, and skin dryness.

Did you know?
Not drinking enough water can weaken the under eye skin and result in eye bags.

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4. Boost Your Sun Protection

You are already aware of how harmful UV rays can take a toll on your skin. But while you may already be using a sunscreen, you should also look into the protection it gives. Using a product with SPF that is lower than what your skin needs is not good enough to protect you from damages.

  • SPF 30 - can filter up to 97% of UVB

Did you know?

About 90% of aging-related changes in the skin are caused by a lifetime's exposure to UVA rays according to The Environmental Protection Agency.

5. Use the Right Beauty Products

Healthy habits and the right choice of beauty products work hand in hand to cure your lifeless complexion. Ditch the beauty products that you have been using years back as they are no longer appropriate for what your skin demands now. Find serums, eye creams, moisturizers and cleansers that can restore your skin’s youthful glow.

6. Seek Expert Advice

A visit to a skin clinic is a step to saying goodbye to your tired mom skin--and a range of skin concerns. It’s like having your ‘me’ time when in fact you are doing yourself a favor and clearing your mind off the skin care worries that usually bother you. Schedule a consultation with a top dermatologist to be guided on your journey to a beautiful mom skin. Skin care experts are knowledgeable and trained to provide you with a sound advice, as well as safe and effective treatments that can get rid of your beauty woes.

You can restore your youthful glow and break free from the signs of a tired mom skin. For more beauty tips and advice, regularly visit our blog.

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