Watch Out for These 6 Skin Care Trends in 2019

The start of the new year isn’t complete without an abundance of forecasts and predictions. While most people would look up Chinese horoscopes and Pantone colors, you might be wondering about the skin care trends that will take over 2019. Satisfy your curiosity and stay updated with this list of 6 skin care trends for the new year!

6 Skin Care Trends to Follow in 2019

  1. Natural Cosmetics

    If you’ve been meticulously checking the ingredients in your favorite beauty products, you can breathe easy this 2019. People are moving away from mainstream choices loaded with chemicals, and major cosmetics brands are bringing organic skin care into the picture. Instead of parabens and sulfates in your creams, you’ll see more essential oils, together with colors derived from elderberries and other pigmented plants. Look out for willow bark extract for anti-aging properties, as well as witch hazel to soothe inflammation, tighten pores, and keep skin moisturized.

  2. More Superfood Products

    Superfoods have long been a skin care trend in themselves. In 2019, though, they won’t just be on your plate, but in the masks and cleansers on your dresser! You’ll be able to buy cleansers containing kale extract, or masks with spinach and algae in them. Algae is known for its moisturizing properties, spinach clears the skin, and kale reduces wrinkles and helps you deal with under-eye circles.

  3. Liquid Exfoliators

    Physical exfoliants will be taking a back seat in 2019. Say hello to the liquid exfoliator, which can be mistaken for a cleanser if you’re not too familiar with it. Even if it’s acid-based, it’s gentler and more sanitary than facial peels, which can hurt sensitive skin and spread acne-causing bacteria. It’s also easy to use--just soak a cotton pad with it and apply to a clean face.

  4. Unusual Facial Masks

    If you’re fond of trying out one-of-a-kind face masks, then 2019 will be the year for you. International beauty brands are offering lace masks, which provide compression treatment while the serum soaks into your skin. Meanwhile, a gold face mask can make your skin firm, improve circulation, and lighten your complexion, among others. There are also futuristic-looking LED masks, which kill bacteria and help control acne.

  5. Whole Body Skin Care

    People often focus on skin care for their faces. However, the rest of your body deserves just as much love! From peels to polishes, full body beauty treatments are another trend worth trying in 2019. Ask a dermatologist about skin-lightening full body peels, and set aside a day to give yourself a treat.

  6. More Accessible Cosmetic Procedures

    That’s right, non-invasive techniques will continue to trend in 2019, thanks to lower stigma, immediate results, and virtually no downtime. It helps that they tend to be light on the wallet. Go for the anti-aging Syneron Elos skin rejuvenation for an even skin tone, or avail of a session of Refirme skin tightening to get rid of wrinkles and sags.

Looking at these 6 trends, you can feel that 2019 will be a refreshing time for skin care. If you’re curious about how else you can make your skin shine this year, you can schedule a consultation with the experts at Skin MD. Not only do our dermatologists in Pasig offer a host of procedures, but they can also provide advice on revealing the most beautiful you. Contact us today and allow us be a part of your skin care journey this year!

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