Look Flawless This Holiday Season with These 10 Skin Treatments

With holiday preparations in full swing, you might have been caught up organizing gift lists, planning for both Noche Buena and Media Noche, and booking homecoming trips for you and your relatives. This means that you probably haven’t had time to deal with acne scars, wrinkles, and other blemishes from previous months. Fortunately, there are several treatments that can help you get rid of all these imperfections. Here are 10 skin treatments for you to look flawless this holiday season!

10 Skin Treatments for a Flawless Holiday Look

1. Acne Scar Treatment

A picture-perfect, no filter look won’t be a problem when you pose for the camera this Christmas. Acne scar treatment is a procedure that stimulates collagen production, restoring flawless skin just in time for the holidays. Your relatives and guests might even think you’ve had a pimple-free 2018!

2. Diamond Peel

Thinking of wearing a youthful, no-makeup look to your next holiday reunion? Diamond peel treatment can bring out an even fresher glow. This procedure exfoliates dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil. It also lessens wrinkles and scars, clears pores, and removes whiteheads that haven’t become inflamed, leaving only bright and supple skin.

3. Needling Subcision

Pox scars, ice pick scars, and other depressed blemishes can make you uneasy about striking up chats with loved ones. Fortunately, subcision can make those scars disappear! This procedure uses the tip of a needle to break up scar tissue, creating space in the skin for collagen to regrow and “fill up” the scar.

4. TCA Peel

You might think of wearing a halter top to your next Christmas party, only to be held back by an uneven skin tone. A trichloroacetic (TCA) peel can help solve your problem. This light chemical peel treats hyperpigmentation, whether from pregnancy or sun damage. As a bonus, it also tightens the skin and lessens fine lines and wrinkles!

5. Syneron Elos Skin Rejuvenation

Can’t wear your holly-red cocktail dress because of sunspots and spider veins? Say hello to Syneron Elos Skin Rejuvenation. This painless anti-aging procedure targets all kinds of skin discoloration. It ultimately leaves you with a more youthful appearance, too, so don’t be surprised if relatives’ common “parang tumaba ka” remark becomes “para kang bumata”!

6. Pore Minimizing Facial

Worried that your large pores will get unwanted attention? Don’t let this steal your confidence.   Get yourself a pore minimizing facial in time for the get-togethers you’ll attend during the holidays. Not only will it leave you with a smoother, softer face, but it gives you a chance to relax as well.

7. Restylane Skinboosters

A sheer blouse or sleeveless top can be a stylish holiday fashion choice, aside from how it leaves your arms at the mercy of the cold December winds. Stay moisturized with Restylane skinboosters! Restylane is essentially a hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs in the body and provides long-lasting deep skin hydration from the inside. On top of that, Restylane skinboosters also help reduce the appearance of scars.

8. Refirme Skin Tightening

Even the most chic Christmas getup can’t hide wrinkled, saggy skin. However, Refirme skin tightening can deal with these problems easily! This procedure uses bipolar radiofrequency and near infrared light to boost the production of collagen, tightening the skin. Over a series of sessions, Refirme skin tightening will smooth out your wrinkles and give your face a noticeable lift.

9. Non-Surgical Face Slimming

Chubby cheeks or a double chin can make you conscious about attending holiday reunions and showing yourself to relatives. Why not give non-surgical face slimming a try? This uses non-invasive procedures to achieve fat reduction and make your features more toned and defined.

10. Body Peel

You might have already picked the perfect outfit for Christmas itself, from dress to shoes to accessories. Complete your preparation by undergoing a body peel! This treatment won’t just lighten your skin and even out your complexion, but it can reveal a bit more of your holiday glow.

Get ready for the holidays with these 10 skin treatments! A flawless look can bring up your confidence and help you tackle your December to-dos with a fresher mindset.

Fortunately, all of the above skin treatments are offered at Skin MD. Our dermatologists can help bring back your skin’s natural beauty. Consult with us to find out how we can help you look flawless for the holidays!

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