10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Skin Stress

Filipinos often look forward to the holidays with excitement, thinking of returning to their hometowns and meeting family and friends once more. Preparations for this wonderful season can be exhausting for some, however. Add a string of late-night outings and Christmas parties, and you have the perfect formula for skin stress. Fortunately, there are several ways to maintain a fresh and bright look through the end of the year. Here are 10 tips to help you deal with holiday skin stress.

10 Tips to Beat Holiday Skin Stress

1. Stay Faithful to Your Skin Care Routine

A jam-packed schedule is no excuse for you to neglect your skin. In fact, you have to give your skin more attention, since you’ll be wearing makeup for longer, munching on holiday food, and handling at least a few stressful situations this season. This means adding certain steps to your skin care routine. You can also invest in products that keep your skin clear and free of excess oil. Also, be sure to remove your makeup and wash your face before sleeping, no matter how tired you are!

2. Don’t Overindulge

Holiday cuisine may be rich and nostalgic in its flavor, but it will also generally be loaded with salt, sugar, gluten, cholesterol, and other ingredients you’d normally avoid. Plus, spicy and warm dishes can worsen certain skin conditions such as rosacea. If you’re travelling for the holidays, you’re likely to eat more fast food than usual, too. It may be too much to cut out holiday favorites completely, but you can always refrain from overeating and lean toward healthier dishes.

3. Choose Your Drinks

Your holiday schedule may include several get-togethers, parties, and nights out. This translates to an abundance of alcohol and sugary drinks, as well as more chances of getting breakouts and blemishes on your skin. Go for red wine sangria, pomegranate-based cocktails, and other beverages which are rich in antioxidants. It also helps to grab a glass of water between drinks.

4. Know How to Soothe Puffy Eyes

One too many nights out is enough for the skin under your eyes to swell the next morning. The holidays won’t wait for the puffiness to subside, however. Relieve swelling by massaging around your eyes with your fingertips and a dab of unscented facial oil. You can also press ice cubes, chilled spoons, or chilled tea bags against puffy skin.

Also, the next time you come home several hours past your normal bedtime, you can try sleeping with your head propped up on a thick pillow. This helps lessen fluid retention in your under-eye skin.

5. Use a Sleeping Mask

Has your skin become slightly grayish because of fatigue? Check beauty supply stores near you for a sleeping mask. Ingredients such as vitamin B3, vitamin C, and extracts from bearberries or watermelons can help your skin get its glow back by morning. This doubles as a great excuse to combat sleep deprivation by getting some extra rest!

6. Hydrate Your Skin Before Travelling

This tip especially applies if you’ll be heading home on a plane or any other air-conditioned mode of transport. The dry, cold air can zap the moisture from your skin. To prevent this, start preparing your skin a few days before the trip. Find a hyaluronic acid serum, pull on a moisturizing face mask, or avail of deep skin hydration at Skin MD. You can also keep a bottle of lotion in your handbag when it’s time to go.

7. Take Your Routine With You

When travelling, make it a point to pack the same beauty products you use at home. You might have to buy mini bottles and smaller containers for this, but it’s better than shocking your skin with unusual ingredients and ending up with a breakout.

8. Drink Lots of Water

Do your best to get your 8 glasses of water daily, even during the holidays! If you’ll be having a few cocktails or glasses of wine with friends, drink more water before sleeping and then after waking up. Aside from helping you recover from a hangover, this will keep your skin from drying up or becoming irritated.

9. Shed Old Skin

A buildup of dead skin cells can take some of the vibrance away from your skin, aside from clogging pores and increasing the chances of a breakout. Drop by the dermatologist and treat yourself to a luxurious peel for the best results.

10. Breathe In

Expect heightened stress throughout the season, given all the errands that the holidays bring. At some point, this can begin to reflect on your skin as inflammation due to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. What better way to combat stress than by relaxing? Take a break, sleep in, or get yourself a massage or a facial.

Say goodbye to holiday skin stress with these 10 steps. Now, you can spend precious time with your loved ones without worrying about how you’ll look in pictures. You might also wow a few friends at your next reunion!

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