Look Your Best at Your Homecoming in 8 Steps

Your high school has announced an alumni homecoming later into the "ber" months. Your classmates are emailing you, saying that they're all coming home to the Philippines for the event. It has been years since you last saw them all, hasn't it? Those years have given you wrinkles here and there on your skin, but you want to still look youthful in front of your classmates.

You might think of putting off preparations until the week before the homecoming, but why wait? Why not start early? Here are 8 steps that you can do now so that you can face your classmates with confidence.

8 Steps For a Youthful Look During Homecoming

  1. Replenish Your Sleep

    Quality sleep allows your skin a chance to repair itself. In contrast, sleep deprivation makes it harder for your skin to recover. It also puts your body under stress--not so helpful if your aim is to show up at homecoming with a fresh and youthful face.

    To help yourself fall asleep as soon as you climb into bed, put away all electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Otherwise, the blue light from your smartphone and TV will delay the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, keeping you awake for longer. Another tip is to sleep on your back. Your face may look creased faster if you sleep with your face pressed against the pillow.

  2. Eat Less Salt, Drink More Water
    It feels good to finish an entire bag of chips by yourself, but only until the extra sodium in your body takes its toll on your skin. Too much salt, and your skin will be drained of moisture. The salt also causes you to retain water and results in under-eye bags, which will not help you look younger than your old classmates at all. Keep your daily intake of sodium to 2,300 mg (1 teaspoon) at most.

    On the other hand, being properly hydrated keeps your skin looking vibrant, helps get rid of under-eye bags, and can give your face a firmer appearance. It turns out that the “eight glasses daily” advice from your high school health teacher still applies.

  3. Swap Your Black Eyeliner for Navy

    Your eyes may have started to look a little yellowish in the years between graduation and homecoming. One quick solution: navy blue eyeliner. A swipe of this color will reflect light back into your eyes, making the whites appear brighter. You can pair your eyeliner with navy blue mascara as well.

  4. Wear The Right Eyeshadow

    You don’t want to wear too much eye makeup to homecoming, as it will make you look older. You shouldn’t go without any makeup at all, either, as it will also make you look older. Wear just enough makeup in the right colors. Bronze, copper, and cocoa are good choices for eyeshadow. Pick eyeshadow with a bit of sheen, which adds radiance and distracts from dark circles. The shimmer also hides eyelid wrinkles.

  5. Protect and Moisturize

    In the time leading up to your homecoming, you should have a small skin care routine in place to keep your skin at its best. An example would be cleanser first, then sunblock, and finally moisturizer. Before wearing makeup, rub on a formulation that contains SPF, whether it’s a light setting spray or a bit of sunblock. Follow this order: Cleanser, sunblock, moisturizer. Use moisturizer every day. It traps water in the skin and keeps fine lines from appearing

  6. Try On a Fresh Hairstyle

    Match rejuvenated skin with an equally youthful hairstyle. Get help from a hairdresser who can find you a haircut that matches your face shape and shaves off a few years at the same time. Watch your classmates’ jaws drop when you walk in!

  7. Get a Facial

    Here’s an excuse to pamper yourself! A day or two before the homecoming itself, allow yourself a facial. This treatment relaxes the skin, rehydrates it, and improves blood circulation, ultimately keeping it healthy. There are also several kinds of treatments for you to choose from. Availing of regular facials can help your skin retain its glow for a good long while. In turn, having youthful skin will help you feel younger as well.

  8. Consult a Dermatologist

    An added bonus of early preparation is that you have much more time to ask for professional help. Your dermatologist can give you expert and custom-tailored advice for your skin to look as youthful as it can. Here at Skin MD, we offer several anti-aging treatments such as hyaluronic acid fillers to eliminate dark circles and lift up sagging cheeks, or Refirme skin tightening to lessen wrinkles and make skin firmer again.

It may have been years since you last saw your classmates, but that doesn’t mean your appearance should reflect that. A youthful look can grant you a noticeable boost in confidence. Being able to meet old friends while feeling good allows you to enjoy yourself, paving the way for even more memories. Follow these 8 steps and you can look your best at your next homecoming!

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