6 Steps to Include in Your Holiday Skin Care Routine

During the holiday season, many Filipinos often return to their home provinces and spend time catching up with their family and friends. It’s not surprising to see several outings and at least one reunion all taking place within the span of a week. Because of this, you’ll probably spend a few more hours wearing makeup than usual, so you might want to take special care of your skin to keep it at its best throughout all the get-togethers. Here are 6 steps you might want to add to your holiday skin care routine.

6 Skin Care Steps for the Holidays

  1. Cleanse Your Skin
    If you have a schedule full of family bonding activities, holiday to-dos, and get-togethers every few days, it’s highly likely that you’ll wake up bursting with excitement at least once. You have to remember to cleanse your skin before embracing what the day has in store, though! This clears your face of last night’s sweat and dirt, and it also creates a fresh base for your look of the day.

  2. Freshen Your Face with Ice

    This is the time of year when you can come home at three in the morning, only to wake up a few hours later to beat the holiday shopping crowds. This lack of sleep can manifest on your face as dark circles under puffy eyes. One quick fix for a tired look is a cold compress, which can reduce swelling in delicate under-eye skin. Try taking chilled spoons or ice cubes and gently pressing them on the affected area. You can also apply some of your favorite eye cream after placing it in the fridge overnight.

  3. Remember Skin Prep

    Will you be heading to a reunion right after a full day of errands? Apply moisturizer and primer before putting on makeup, and your look can last all the way until the evening. A moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera will help your skin stay hydrated. Meanwhile, primer forms a barrier between your foundation and your skin, preventing your makeup from fading because of sweat. A bit of sunscreen won’t hurt, either.

  4. Use Lip Balm

    Worried that the slightly colder air will make your lips dry and flaky? Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to deal with chapped lips, and one of them is habitually swiping on some moisturizing lip balm. Look for a lip balm with SPF.

  5. Don’t Sleep with a Made-Up Face

    You might be tempted to drop dead on your bed after a night out, but you might wake up with pimples, irritated eyes, or dry skin if you do that. Stay up for a few more minutes and remove your makeup with facial cleanser or micellar water.

    TIP: Keep a bottle of cleanser and some cotton on your bedside table. You’ll thank yourself for it.

  6. Relax and Detox

    Put aside a day for yourself to simply breathe in and recharge. Put on a calming playlist, make yourself a mug of your favorite warm drink, and lounge around in a face mask. You can also drop by Skin MD and reward yourself with one of our relaxing facials.

Follow these 6 steps and you’ll maintain a youthful glow in the middle of all the holiday bustle.

Do you think your skin could benefit from some additional pre-holiday pampering? Our dermatologists at Skin MD offer a wide range of procedures, from deep skin hydration to anti-aging treatments which can bring back your skin’s natural beauty. Consult with us and allow us to help you achieve the perfect skin for the holidays.

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